What to wear on a first date

Getting ready for a first date can be stressful. You want to impress without looking like you’re trying too hard. We have a few style tips to help you decide what to wear on a first date.

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Cursive number 1Don’t overdo it.

Going all out on glam makeup and hair can be tempting. Unless you know you’re going to a black tie event, however, dial down the drama. Keep hair and makeup clean and neat, and remember that less is more. Play up your best features, but don’t go overboard with items such as false lashes, lip plumpers and hair extensions. Follow our tips for getting effortlessly gorgeous.

Makeup & hair tips:

  • Consider long, loose waves for beach-inspired beauty.
  • Rather than full makeup, opt for concealer or foundation only where you need it.
  • Avoid trying any new brands of product (face wash, cosmetics) in the days before your date. A skin rash is the last accessory you need.
  • Don’t knock him over with strong perfume; instead, layer subtle scents (body lotion and body spray).

Cursive number 2Focus on comfort

When you’re deciding what to wear on a first date, think about comfort as well as style. It will be tough to focus on what he’s saying if you’re thinking about how uncomfortable your heels are.

Style inspiration:

  • Dark skinny jeans paired with riding boots, slouchy sweater and military-inspired jacket
  • Flirty, floral dress accompanied by oversized chunky knit cardigan and ballet flats
  • Stretch yoga jeans or skinny cargos with a simple white T-shirt and cropped denim jacket
  • Wide-leg trouser with fitted, feminine top and cropped cardigan

Cursive number 3Look great, but be ready for anything.

This means not wearing a mini dress when you may end up having to run for a bus, or leather boots when it might rain. Be practical so you’re not left feeling frustrated with your choice of outfit. If he wantt to play Frisbee after your romantic picnic in the park, you should be ready for it with cute canvas kicks.

Functional fashion:

  • Rather than carting around a purse big enough to knock over a small car, opt for something more manageable.
  • If you have to wear heels, go for something with a wedge for added stability.
  • Be choosy with accessories. Pick one or two pieces that go with anything — don’t overdo the bling.
  • Don’t wear anything you haven’t worn before, including bras, shoes and accessories. You don’t want any surprises where comfort is concerned.

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