Red carpet-worthy style tips

Feb 23, 2011 at 11:20 a.m. ET

With awards season in full swing, red carpets have been bursting at the seams with great style. From Natalie Portman to Anne Hathaway there’s a lot we can learn from today’s leading ladies. Read on for some of the best tips we’ve gleaned from some of Hollywood’s most glamorous gals.

Red carpet smile

1Think about angles

If there's one thing celebrities know how to do it's to accentuate their best angles. They know how to stand in such a way that they look long, lean and thin. In order to find your best angles, you're going to have to practice. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and start posing. Try turning one way or the other while angling your head the opposite way, which can make you look thinner. Either way, work on it until you hit on your most flattering angle - then work it!

2Look natural

Even if they may not feel natural and comfortable, stars do a great job of making sure they look the part. Red carpet events mean being in front of countless cameras and an endless line of media outlets wanting sound bites. So as stressful as that situation must be, the stars seem to keep it together. If you're feeling less than Oscar-worthy, take a deep breath, stand straight with your chin up and shoulders back so you at least look like you want to be there.

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3Smile like you mean it

If we've learned anything from red carpet events and awards shows it's that a smile can make or break a photo of even the most gorgeous gown. Take a cue from some of your favorite starlets and smile like you mean it, rather than staying tight-lipped or forcing a fake smile. A big, natural smile can make you look relaxed, confident and gorgeous.

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4Make eyes and lips pop

Red carpet style means playing up your eyes and lips. Accentuate your peepers with long, lustrous lashes and a sexy, smoky eye. Paint your pout with color that will last and that makes your lips look fuller. Finish with a gloss to add moisture and shine.

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