How to strike a red carpet-worthy pose

Feb 25, 2011 at 1:19 p.m. ET

Whether you’re going to be attending or hosting a fabulous Oscar bash this year, why let James Franco and Anne Hathaway have all the red carpet fun? Follow these five simple tips for posing like a pro and looking gorgeous as you make your own grand entrance to an Academy awards-themed soiree.

1Anne Hathaway Red CarpetPractice makes perfect

Before leaving the house for a big night, practice your posing at home. Set yourself up in front of the mirror to determine your best angles. This will also make you more comfortable in front of the camera, which will show in photos. The camera easily picks up on the fact you're tense or uncomfortable.

2Stay focused

Looking around and constantly fidgeting will have you looking confused, and the camera will never be able to capture your best angle. Instead, take a few seconds to get into position before dazzling the camera with your red carpet smile.

3Strike a model pose

There's a reason models look so great in photos (aside from the fact they're gorgeous and super-thin). They know how to pose. With one arm on your hip rotate the top half of your body towards or away from the camera. A slight twist will give the appearance of a sexy hourglass figure and will make your waistline look smaller.

4Avoid slouching

What did your mother always tell you about posture? Shoulders back and chin up. Hunched shoulders can make you look heavier than you are (which we don't want), and give the appearance of a double chin. Good posture will make you appear more confident and look longer and leaner.

5Look natural

We've all seen red carpet photos where a celebrity looks like a deer caught in headlights. Avoid the shocked or uncomfortable look by taking a few deep breaths before stepping in front of a camera. Relax your shoulders and jaw and smile. Now, you're ready for your close-up! Natalie Portman, eat your heart out.

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