Paris Hilton blings out on David Letterman

Feb 18, 2011 at 5:08 p.m. ET

The partying never stops for Paris Hilton -- and lately, she's had plenty to celebrate. True to form, she always look good doing it.

Paris Hilton's gold lame dress

Paris Hilton talks tech with letterman

Fashion icon extraordinaire Paris Hilton continued to ring in her 30th birthday by appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman.

That was just her first stop of the evening, and certainly not the only shindig of the week. The heiress already threw herself a star-studded bash in Los Angeles earlier in the week, so the next natural step was to fly to New York and do it all over again.

Looking sexy and sophisticated in a gold lame peplum cocktail dress by THEIA, Hilton sat down with Letterman to promote her new iPhone app... and celebrate her 30th birthday, of course!

Jealous boyfriends: the new fall trend?

Funnyman David Letterman had other ideas for the billion-dollar fashionista, however. After showing him a feature on her new app in which you can superimpose a picture of Paris Hilton on a picture you take of yourself, Letterman took it the next level and started messing around with Paris's very patient boyfriend.

"I wonder what the boyfriend thinks of this shot," Letterman said of the first picture Hilton took -- of her leaning provocatively toward him as he sported a huge grin.

Poor boyfriend Cy Waits looked very uncomfortable furring the whole thing as he sat in the green room and watched Letterman hit on his woman, which only made Letterman do it more.

After the show, Hilton was whisked off into the New York night for yet another birthday party. Oh, to be queen.

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