2010 Fashion and beauty trends that need to go

Dec 27, 2010 at 10:43 a.m. ET

From ombre hair to ultra-distressed jeans, here are some of the hot beauty and style trends from 2010 that we hope go away in the new year.

Drew Barrymore - Ombre Hair TrendOmbre hair

When the ombre hair trend first emerged among celebrities, it just looked like they hadn't gotten their roots done in a long, long while. Come to find out, they were actually getting their hair dyed that way. The ombre trend is fading away and we certainly hope it won't be back again in the summer of 2011.


Rompers and jumpsuits have been in for the past two years, but hopefully they'll be back out again. They might be comfortable for some, but they certainly aren't flattering to any body type. Rompers are for babies... not even older children -- just babies.

Open-toe boots

Call me crazy, but boots should have closed toes. They are supposed to protect your feet from the cold and elements. In the past few years, open-toed boots have become normal -- particular short booties. And though these booties might be great to wear now and again when transitioning from winter to spring, they shouldn't be everywhere, all the time, all year round.

Distressed jeans

Jeans that are worn in are fabulous. If they have a small tear in them, that's okay too. But the jeans that are so ultra-distressed that there are more holes and tears than fabric have got to go. This rocker-chic look needs to move on.

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