5 Insider secrets to gorgeous eyes

Applying eye makeup can be very basic, but makeup artists often have additional “tricks” to make eye makeup look even more perfect and glamorous. Below are some of those secrets that we can do at home to make our eyes pop:

How to get gorgeous eyes:

1. Apply a black pencil to the inside of your upper lashes. The effects are defined eyes and longer looking lashes

2. To make your eyes look bigger, line the inner rims of your lash lines with a nude pencil

3. Perk up tired eyes by adding a light shimmer or cream shadow to the inner corners of your eyes

4. To reduce the look of red eyes, line the inner rims of your upper eye lids with a navy blue pencil. You can also apply a navy mascara just to the tips of your lashes to make your eyes look brighter (apply regular black mascara first)

5. Remember the opposites rule when choosing colors to make your eyes stand out. Brown eyes look great in blue

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