A new nail polish remover free of harsh chemicals?

Harsh, hazardous chemicals are usually the key ingredients in most nail polish removers — but no longer. A new, soy-based formula will remove your nail polish more safely.

new and improved

As new nail polish has come around we have been concerned about finding safer polishes to wear on our nails. But what about when you remove the polish?

A Beautiful Life Nails Soy Polish Remover ($20) is a toluene-, DBP- and formaldehyde-free polish that will protect your nails from the health hazards that harsh chemicals bring.

The new soy-based formula is gentle for your nails and is even safe for kids. But wait, there’s more! The bottle is recyclable and the formula gives a off a light grapefruit scent. No more smelling like stinky acetone for hours after your manicure!

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