Tattoo socks: An alternative to permanent ink

There is now another alternative to permanent and temporary tattoos. These adorable tattoo socks make tattoo art an everyday fashion trend!

Choose when to trend

Trends come and go, but a permanent tattoo is a lifetime investment. Celebrities have popularized tattoo art, but you don’t have make the plunge to permanent quite yet.

Homemade “tattoos”

Tattoo Socks is an Etsy vendor who has designed this super-cute hosiery. The socks (which are really more like tights or pantyhose) come in different designs that give the illusion of a tattoo. Worn as thigh highs or full coverage hose, with these inked prints you can wear an on-trend peacock feather or give your friends a laugh with the follow me on Twitter pair. Prices range $18-$27, and several other designs are also available.

We’re curious to know if “follow me on Twitter” tattoo socks would increase our follower count… 😀

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