5 Fashion trends men don’t understand

Women embrace new fashions as quickly as they arrive. But what do men think about these trends? While we may love wearing the latest and hottest trends, men don’t always get it. Here are 5 trends men simply don’t understand.

Fur vests

We women love to channel our inner Rachel Zoe, but all men see is a big furry mess.

Rachel Zoe

Loose sweaters

Men see us choose the salad over the steak and then we cover our svelt selves up with a baggy sweater, like Khloe Kardashian here? (Yes, we do! We like it because it shows off our legs and new boots!)

Khloe Kardashian

Oversized bags

There are a lot of necessities we need to tote to and from the office every day. Sure, we may complain about back pains and he definitely doesn’t get that. But we love our handbags the bigger the better.

oversize hand bag

High-waisted pants

Hello 70s! High-waisted pants, (some with bell bottoms, like Katie Holmes is wearing!) are back in style. Seen everywhere once again — from the runway to the streets. We love high waists (okay, even some women really aren’t getting into this trend). And the guys are just wondering why the heck we’re wearing our mother’s jeans.

Katie Holmes


For a night on the town, jumpsuits are a fun alternative to the regular old top and jeans. But unless you’re dressed like Catwoman, men might not be interested.

kim kardashian

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