How to strengthen your eyelashes

Nov 11, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Your eyelashes are delicate but it's a strong eyelash that is on trend this season. Thy these three tips to strengthen your eyelashes and make them last!

1Prime your lashes

Using an eyelash primer like Urban Decay's eyelash primer potion protects and thickens your lashes with a formula of silk protein, panthenol and hydrolyzed wheat potion.

2Remove your mascara every night

Falling asleep with your make up on carn hurt a lot more than just your skin complexion but weaken your eyelash. The next morning you might ubbyour eyes from discomfort which can pull out your eyelashes and make them weaker.

3Don't skimp on your mascara

We all love a cheap mascara, but saving a few bucks could cost you your lashes. Find a mascara that has moisturizing agents that won't clump or dry out your lashes. Try Nvey Eco Moisturizing Mascara ($24).

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