Slim down your cosmetic bag with makeup pencils

Hey, you know we’re guilty of carrying full-sized foundation bottles, compacts, lipsticks and brushes for application in a bulging, disaster-is-imminent, cosmetic tote.  But why? Check out our picks for slimming down your beauty product pouch.
You’re welcome! Your shoulder will be thanking you…

Stuffed Makeup bag

1Cover-up sticks

Judith August's Everything Pencil.

Trade your full-sized foundation for Judith August’s Everything Pencil.

You’ve already dabbed and blended and powdered. The only thing left to do is spot concealing during the day – and there’s no need to bring your entire foundation bottle along for the ride! The Everything Pencil ($16) re-covers anything that’s peek-a-booing midday including under eye circles, blemishes, brown spots and discolorations. Each color can be used by itself for a specific problem, or used together to create the perfect shade, plus, the formula is water resistant.

We also love Urban Decay’s 24/7 Concealer Pencil. It hides dark circles and blemishes with a creamy formula that dries down to a smudge-free matte finish. Say hello to a small package that packs a mess-less application: no brush, no dipping your finger into a pot, and no squeezing a dollop onto a sponge. Just dot on and go!

2Compacted cheek stains

Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Multi-Pencil

Trade your bulky blush compact and bronzer for Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Multi-Pencil.

Blush and bronzer tend to fade throughout the day, but there’s no need to carry around the whole kit and caboodle. Avon’s Professional Multi-Pencil ($8) is purse perfect, and the creamy colors glide on and blend effortlessly. We love it in the color Twice the Spice for its bronze contouring and apple-of-the-cheek shades!

Though these Skinn Smudge Sticks ($15) were initially fashioned for eyes and lips, they are so creamy and generously pigmented, we recommend Venus as a bronzer and Plum Dandy as a gorgeous cheek color.

3Mally Roncal's City Chick Double Ended Eyeliner PencilThe eyes have it

You’ve already applied a heavy dosing of shadow; with a good primer, you’ll only need to darken up that lashline pre-martini with Mally Roncal’s City Chick Double Ended Eyeliner Pencil ($15). Struggling to get through the work day? Use the darker end on the top lashline and the lighter one on the bottom for a bright-eyed look after the midday slump.

Still looking for shadow on the go? Stila’s Convertible Eye Color ($22) offers an easy-to-apply (thanks to the built-in applicator) powder eyeshadow on one end, and a matching automatic eyeliner pencil on the other, for perfectly color-coordinated lids in a flash.

4Josie Maran's Magic Marker Lip & Cheek StainLips

Ditch your full-sized lipstick, lip balm, plumper and gloss for a long-wear stain that pumps up your pout, such as Josie Maran’s Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain.

This long-wearing natural lip (and cheek!) stain is packaged in a portable pen for effortless touch ups and gives lips and cheeks a sexy flush — no dancing required! Magic Markers ($19) add the ultimate baby-doll pop of color; plus, this magic formula has a blend of hyaluronic acid and sugar extracts to smooth and plump lips for a sexy pout.

Not a fan of lip stains? We also love NARS’ Velvet Matte Lip Pencil for its pigment-rich matte but creamy finish. Enriched with emollients, vitamin E and unique silicones, each shade glides on and stays put.

5Highlight on the go

Senna's Spot Lites Highlighting Pencil

Trade your glass jar of Benefit’s Moonbeam for Senna’s Spot Lites Highlighting Pencil.

The soft, pearly champagne and iridescent pink cream in Senna’s Spot Lites Highlighting Pencil ($22) brighten eyes, cheekbones, upper lip, browbone and eyelids. It’s the ultimate quick fix for injecting life into tired eyes and parched skin – all in a tiny package.

Got unruly brows? Your best bet is Revlon Colorstay Brow Enhancer, which boasts both a tinted wax and highlighter. The wax formula colors and sets brows for soft definition while the luminous highlighter accentuates the browbone area for a lifted appearance.

Now the only bulk in your bag will be a sharpener to keep these pencils in their priming prime. Happy toting!

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