Alice in Wonderland inspired fashion

Mar 12, 2010 at 8:53 p.m. ET

Alice in Wonderland fever has taken over the fashion world. We’re not surprised: In the land of Wonderland, anything is possible and the fashion possibilities are endless! The romance, femininity and exquisite detailing have inspired style icons everywhere to take a peek through the looking glass to give their interpretations of the perfect fantasy wardrobe. Esteemed designers like Zac Posen and Stella McCartney have incorporated elements of the movie into Alice-inspired lines. But for us everyday dreamers, there are easy and inexpensive ways to work these fantasy elements into your real-life wardrobe without breaking the bank.


It's hard not to think "fantasy" when we think of Wonderland. However, we can't deny that Alice had an innocence about her when she first tumbled down the rabbit hole. Pairing sweet ruffles and Mary Janes with cream tights evokes a child-like feeling to an outfit. Using a bold blue, bubbly skirt mimics the vibrant colors of Alice's strange and whimsy surroundings. For a more sleek look, try this crisp blue dress ($22.80) and red patent bow belt from Forever 21, paired with some black ballet flats, like these from Daisy Jane, $19.99, and a whimsical hair accessory, like this gothic ruby rose hair clip, $2.50, from Etsy.

Still need guidance? We consulted Christina Mannatt, Stylesight's Associate Cultural Editor: "The iconic tale's influence on the fashion world is brought to mind, conjuring images of decadent excess and storybook details. Childhood fantasies of falling down magical holes that lead to mad hatters, tea parties and crazy games of croquet have suddenly morphed into our newest form of fashion inspiration. From top hats to feminine frocks, designers, photographers and artists are exploring the industry's whimsical side and offering images and clothes that have a dreamlike quality, once again proving that fashion truly is a wonderland."

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