Steal the look: Celeb nerd glasses

Mar 5, 2010 at 3:09 p.m. ET

Look no further than the pages of celeb magazines and this season of American Idol (thanks to contestants Andrew Garcia, Jermaine Sellers and big-dawg judge Randy Jackson), and you'll see the latest trend in eyewear - nerd glasses. Suddenly, it's hip to be square and we've got the scoop on where to score this hot Hollywood trend for less.

So how can you rock the retro nerd glasses look? Well even if you're not a celeb, we've got some hot picks for geek glasses so you can try this trend on for size. And just so you know, you're not alone - there's even a Facebook fan page for big, nerdy glasses. I tried them myself, but when I asked around... well, I looked a lot less hip, and way more square than some of these celebs.

1.Britney Spears

We've all seen Britney rock a few different looks -- school girl gone bad, belly baring shirts and even that crazy python (she's never looked as good as she did slithering all over the stage with that snake). But Britney, the nerd?

If you like the way Brit Brit looks in her oversized retro glasses, then you might like these Aviator style readers from Urban Outfitters, $10.

See if you can rock the look - if not, you could always hit the encyclopedia looking for facts about pythons.

2. Justin Timberlake

I don't think Justin could ever look anything, sexy and did I say hot? Even when he's trying to look stylishly geeky, he's bringing sexy nerd back.

So if you want your man to slip on something a little sexier and more stylish, a la Justin Timberlake style, than try these Wayfarer Geek-Chic designer fashion reading glasses for youthful men who read in style from Ritzy Readers, sold at Amazon, $26.99.

I mean, if he ain't got what JT got, you can always take them off, right?

3. Madonna

Oh Madge, how I've loved watching you grow old. Well, not really. I mean, you look the same as you did when I was in high school scrunching my hair, wearing a big lacey headband and shouting "Borderline" into my hairbrush. How do you stay so youthful?

Perhaps it's the way you are not afraid of even the most out there trends - and these geeky classes make you look as youthful as ever. If you like Madonna's version of nerd, look no further than these black plastic framed nerd glasses from Hot Topic, $9.99. Come on, I dare you.

4. Jessica Biel

Now, we know some of you fashionistas are super serious about your trends and style. Just like Jessica Biel, you not only want to wear the latest fasion accessory, but you always want to look poised, sophisticated and expensive chic.

So why not add a little color to your nerd glasses? If you see this nerd trend as an investment in your stylish future, you'll want to try these fabulously pink glasses. These Ray-Ban Wayfarers sold at Sunglass Hut, $119.95 , have Hollywood red carpet all over them -  a little pricier yes - but will get you noticed in a good way.