Do lash growth products work?

Mar 19, 2010 at 4:59 p.m. ET

Whether you're into extensions, lengthening mascaras or lash growth treatments, lashes are hot right now. But jaded consumers that we are, it's easy to see lash growth products as a whole lot of hogwash. Do they work? Are they worth the often steep investment? Before you go out and spend your hard-earned cash, check out our lineup of the most popular brands out there, and what our research has discovered.


Price: $120

What they say: "Latisse does work well to grow the eyelashes in roughly 70 percent of study patients," says Shevanti Jegasoth, a Miami-based cosmetic dermatologist. "In photographic analysis, the eyelash enhancement was uniform length and thickness, not extreme length, as has been observed in some of the over-the-counter/online brands, such as MDLash and Revitalash. This is the only lash-growth product for which you need a prescription. It originated as a glaucoma medication -- with a stunning side effect!

What users say: "I'm not a doctor/expert, but I did use Latisse," shares Gina Kremer, co-director of Catalyst Communications. "It works, to the point where I had to stop using it! My eyelashes got so long, I got tired of people asking if they were fake. They literally almost touched my eyebrows. My boyfriend was a little freaked out by them, so I decided to cool off with the Latisse and go back to my normal eyelashes."

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