Flaunt your natural hair color

I’ll be the first to admit I dye my hair. In fact, I’ve colored my hair for so long, I have no idea if it’s the same dingy, dishwater color it used to be.

During a recent school carpool, a second grader told me his 8-year-old girlfriend was getting highlights, and I’ve decided it’s time to stop the madness. Who said we women (and girls) can’t be happy with our natural hair color?

If you’re fed up with the hair struggles and high maintenance costs of our ongoing dye job, try these tips for getting back to your natural color.

Woman with brown hair

1. Take it slow

Depending on how much darker your natural shade is, this could take several months. But, you’ll avoid the shock of going from light to dark, or dark to light, in one sitting. Start by having your stylist apply a slightly darker shade (or lighter depending on which direction you’re going) over your entire hair. Then, the next month go to the next shade until you reach your natural color.

2. Shock and awe

If you’re used to being drastic and slow is not your style, then just go back. Have your stylist put your natural shade over your entire hair. This may take some time for you to get used to, but eventually you’ll be rocking your natural look.  Be prepared for comments from friends and family who are not accustomed to your natural color. 

3. Low-Lights

Highlighting in reverse is a great way to slowly blend in your natural color and get back to your lower maintenance natural color. By putting darker strands through the lighter, you can blend your new growth and grow your natural color out painlessly and almost effortlessly. As color often fades over time, it is advised to use a shade darker than your natural color.

4. Chop it off

And of course you can always just cut your hair off. Wait until you have new growth that’s about an inch and a half long, then cut your hair into an ultra short, trendy style all over. Think Halle Berry short. Eventually the lighter or darker tips will be gone and you’ll be completely natural. While being very stylish and sexy, this length is not for everyone and you should ask your stylist if it will work for you before making the cut.

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