Fashion advice from Jeannie Mai

Dec 15, 2009 at 7:52 p.m. ET

SheKnows sat down with celebrity style expert Jeannie Mai, an experienced makeup artist, fashion expert and actress, who currently hosts the Style Network's popular makeover series, How Do I Look?. We chatted about finding your personal style, what looks to avoid and how to look your best day in and out.

Jeannie MaiFashion Tip #1:

Use the trends to create your own style.

'I encourage gals to use trends to inspire their own style, don't follow 'em!' says celebrity stylist Jeanine Mai. If you spend all your money on trendy pieces, you'll stick yourself in a style time warp, she cautions.

'Trends become what they are because somebody thought out of the box and did something thousands began to follow. Learn how to be that trendsetter. If you see a hot must-have, make sure you spend on the trends that can be versatile for work and every day and flow well with other things you own (the boyfriend jacket, skinny jeans, leggings). Then think out of the box by buying timeless pieces (button ups, pencil skirts) and pair them with pieces of your personality (patterned tights, belt buckles) to make your look signature.'

Fashion Tip #2:

Spend Wisely

When you're watching your expenses closely, finding great fashion bargains is a must. But, you don't always have to look in the bargain bin. Think of your wardrobe as an investment, and look for pieces that are trendy this season but also timeless. Do they work well with what's already in your closet? Can you pair it with several different tops or bottoms and dress it up or down? Most importantly, is it high quality construction? If you answered yes, you've got a keeper.

Fashion Tip #3:

Choose trends that fit your body

Body type is a huge factor in which trends you can actually follow. Mai says blazers with emphasized shoulders work best on those with narrow or average shoulders. "The illusion immediately tapers any waistline," Jeannie says. Alternatively, fitted and double-breasted jackets are great for small busted or boyish-shaped women.

This season's must-haves

Mai says this year's ideal fashion pieces were the boyfriend blazer and the wrap dress. 'Both can be worn casually with flats, tights, leggings, or dressed up in heels. Both can be adjusted to suit any season. And both are ideal for any weight flux you're working with!' She calls the wrap dress 'the classic timeless trend for every woman, every size and every season.'

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