Best back-to-school styles for boys

Jul 23, 2009 at 6:02 p.m. ET

This fall, boys are not immune to the influence of runway trends and TV's fashion-forward stars. Must-haves include a hooded sweater (hoodie), an ample supply of t-shirts and a few pairs of denim jeans and cargo shorts. All he needs then is a pair of hip sneakers and a watch to round out the wardrobe and head back to school in style.

Back to School Clothes for BoysBoys are all about being casual, and this year's themes embrace that mindset.


Inspired by the little athlete who loves hanging out in his track pants and sports logo tees, this look is fresh,  cool and oh-so-comfortable. Whether he's king of the court, ruler of the field or just the star of his own backyard, your budding sports nut can dress the part and look cool every day in his favorite warm-ups.

Rock and Roll

Give your kids' wardrobe a jolt of style with some rock-and-roll-inspired fashions. The staple: A cool tee. From reproduction concert to tongue-in-cheek parody tees, rock tees are everywhere. So, in the spirit of rock-and-roll excess, he'll be spoiled with choices!

Casual Cool

This look is all about being cool, confident and effortlessly stylish. The key to achieving this easy-going look is layering items with a vintage feel. When creating his layers, pairing patterns such as plaids and stripes with graphic images is okay; just pick up a dominating color in the graphic print and echo it in the pattern.


While polo and rugby are not the most popular sports in the United States, their namesake shirts are all the rage this season. Some have appliqués on the front pocket, sleeves or cuffs. The latest take on these perennial favorites is surprising colors, soft jersey material and a look that says "well worn but not dirty."


Madras and tartan plaids, as well as neutral, earth-toned solids, dominate patterned offerings. Orange is the cool color for boys -- the perfect accent for neutrals needing a pop of color.


No, the stores haven't thrown their adult clothing into a giant dryer. This fall, racks are filled with shrunken-down versions of adult men's fashions. It's a trend the fashion industry calls "mini-me." Styles include camouflage and premium denim in the same cut and wash as the adult styles, just sized down.

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