Dita Von Teese: Style icon

The modern day pinup brings back the art of burlesque.

Dita Von Teese seems to be in a class all her own – in an entertainment scene that seems to be ruled by stick-thin physiques and tights worn as pants, this burlesque superstar is bringing an
old Hollywood sense of style to the spotlight.


Von Teese’s life seemed to start in the exact opposite way one would expect for a burlesque dancer.  She was a natural blonde, born September 28, 1972 with the name Heather Renée
Sweet.  She was born in Michigan, but Von Teese’s Midwestern upbringing did not detract from her interest in big city glamour.   From a young age she held a fascination with
classic Hollywood movies, vintage lingerie, and all things retro.

Originally, Von Teese was an avid practiser of ballet and wanted to be a ballerina.  While this plan fell through, her background in dancing would later help her onstage during her burlesque

nspired by past stars such as Bettie Page and Gypsy Rose Lee, Von Teese wasted no time in starting her career as soon as she was old enough.  After working in a lingerie shop in high school
and studying costume design in college, she picked a new name after German actress Dita Parlo. 


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