5 New beauty must-haves

Jun 9, 2009 at 7:10 p.m. ET

Drowning in a deluge of beauty products? We can help! We scouted recent additions to the beauty product arena to find our top five picks for new beauty product must-haves.

SunSponge by ModelCo

Self-tanning lotions typically present a few challenges. To start, they are usually associated with an overwhelming telltale smell. Add to that the propensity to glob up between your fingers and under your nails (leaving you with perpetual Cheetos fingers), and you have an equation that is not always ideal. Kick these lotions to the curb and embrace ModelCo's revolutionary new SunSponge. The tanning formula, which automatically adjusts to your skin tone, is administered via sponge at the end of a plastic handle -- keeping your hands out of the mess. Best of all, it has a subtle and pleasant aroma. $39 at Modelco.com.au

 sunsponge self tanner

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