How life in your 30s really is the new 20s

Age 30 isn’t what it used to be, with everything happening later in life it’s easily the new 20! We spoke with a few 30-something women and had them dish on their relationships, love life, career and family and how it’s even better than life in their 20s.

Career confidence

“Honestly, being 30 isn’t all that different from being 20 as far as feeling like you’re still young and relatively free. But career-wise, you’re at a new place of control and power and ability to steer your own course, and you know everything that would have helped you get to that point faster if you’d known it when you were 20. Even if you start over when you’re 30, you’ve done 10 years of legwork so the journey’s far less meandering.”
Liz Smith

Enjoy everything

“In my 30s, I am in a place where I enjoy simple things, moments with friends/family, all the things I have and don’t dwell on the things that I do not have. As a single girl in my early 20s I had unrealistic expectations of myself and others, a preconception if I didn’t do it all “now” my moment/or guy would be lost and if I didn’t get on a fast-track career, that too would be unrecoverable .When my life had other plans for me than the ones I had for myself, I literally re-routed and took the focus and pressure of having a fairy-tale life completely off. Now I do what I love and enjoy and continue investing in myself for myself, and enjoy it. My 30s have been my biggest opportunity to regain my 20s. It’s fantastic.”–Julie Dutchner

Consider your compass

“I was missing my compass when I was in my 20’s filtering between college, random jobs to get to my now-career and not to mention a couple of not too great men. Then, somehow it all came together when I hit 30. Now I know who I am, where I am and who I want to be with. My compass is now pointed in the right direction.” –Tarah Bellamy

Ready for romance

“My 30’s are great so far! I met my husband just shy of my 30th birthday and he’s the best thing to happen to me. Of course, a lot of worries from my 20’s have just been replaced by new worries in my 30’s, like “Will I ever meet the right guy?” is now, “Will we be able to have kids?” And with the recession, oddly my job is less secure now than it was when I was in my 20’s. But that’s ok; I’m taking the extra hours on my hands to go back to school and take my career in a new direction. My 20’s were a lot of fun and I wouldn’t trade most of those experiences for the world, but the 30’s have been even better!” –Robin Vaughan Boyko

Apply your insight

“I turned 30 in August and truly believe my life is 100% better than it was when I was 20. I have expanded my horizons, traveled the world and done so many things that give me greater insight into every interaction that comes my way. Relationships are still tricky, but I feel like I am not as naive. Plus 10 years of growing up in your 20’s gives you insight into people’s behavior and patterns — patterns which once identified you can begin to avoid.” –Jennifer Boonlorn

True to yourself

“Relationships (of all types) are better now because I don’t try to mold myself to fit them. I’m more true to myself, which makes the relationships more genuine.” –Laura Obringer Flyr


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