Transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring

At the beginning of spring, you don’t want to put away all your winter clothes immediately, as mornings and evenings are still quite chilly in most places. In order to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring, you should do things gradually. You can incorporate some the colorful spring trends into your existing wardrobe as you slowly put aside your winter pieces.

Spring shopping trip

When the weather starts to warm up at the beginning of spring, you might be tempted to rush into sandals and ruffled dresses but don’t act to soon. With cool morning and evenings along with mild temperatures during the day, you need to dress accordingly. By following these tips, you can transition your winter wardrobe to spring.


Winter sweaters


Put away the heavyweights

Thick sweaters, wool pants and heavy coats can move to the back of your closet as soon as spring arrives. However, there are several “in between” pieces that will still work in your spring wardrobe. Lightweight cardigan sweaters, particularly those in spring colors, are perfect transitional items. Layer your outfit with a cardigan and then take it off during the daytime as the weather warms up.




Add floral print tops

You can change the look of any outfit by adding a floral print. The same grey skirt (or business suit) can have a whole different look when paired with a pink or yellow floral print blouse. This season, florals aren’t the only trendy prints, however. Geometric prints in colorful patterns are also a big hit.




Wear your cut-out booties

Those cut-out booties with peep-toes and cut out sides that didn’t make much sense in the winter are now key as you transition to spring. Though most boots don’t work well in warm weather, these types of booties are just perfect.



Spring hat and yellow top


Jazz up your neutrals with neon

Grey, black and chocolate brown are mainstains in your winter wardrobe. Don’t toss them aside in early spring. Instead, jazz them up by adding complementary pieces in neon and bright colors. Think 80s when choosing your funky bright accents.




Accessorize for springtime

Your favorite little black dress (or any other staple outfit) can look completely different just by changing your accessories. Colorful print silk scarves, bright chunky necklaces, floppy hats and shiny patent handbags are beautiful choices for spring. Yellows, pinks and oranges are some of the hottest colors for 2009 and they all work well in terms of accessories.



Spring fashion trends



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