How to give your cheeks a natural glow

Nothing says wintertime beauty like rosy cheeks. Makeup artist Melvone Farrell, whose clients include Tyra Banks and Eva Mendes, gives her two cents on flawless products and application techniques for both powder and cream blush.

Powder blush

When choosing a powder blush, Farrell says that you should look for a blush that matches the colors of your undertones. Determining your undertones on your own can be difficult, so if you haven’t
already, it may be an asset to have a makeup professional assist you.

In terms of powder blush brands, Farrell recommends Prescriptives and NARS. Just because you’ve shelled out for the product, doesn’t mean you can skimp on a brush. Brushes, especially large ones, are
a pricey proposition however you need an extra large one or else the blush will be too concentrated when you apply it. Farrell suggests MAC and Smashbox for high quality blush brushes.

Once you’ve got the blush and the brush, it’s time to put it to use! “The best way to apply the blush is to feel along your check bone almost to the apple of the checks with the blush and then blend
for a warm glow,” explains Farrell.

Cream blush

When you think blush, a powder one probably comes to mind. However cream blushes are a great option.

“Readers should look for creams blushes that look natural and fresh that just gives you an all around glow,” says Farrell.

And unlike the powder kind, cream blushes are best applied with your fingers. Melvone says to use your fingers to apply gradually along the bone of your cheeks and blend.

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