Quick fixes for beauty disasters

Jul 17, 2008 at 4:29 a.m. ET

We all run into beauty disasters every once in a while -- pimples, swollen eyes, smeared makeup. With these quick fixes, you can do some emergency damage control and get back to looking beautiful.

Powder your nose

It's happened to all of us. You wake up on the morning of a big date to find a big pimple on your nose or you haven't slept a wink and you have an important meeting at the office. Don't stress. By following these beauty tips, you can pull yourself together in no time.

How to mask a big zit

Ugh! He finally asked you out on a first date and now you wake up to a big pimple on your face. Don't freak out and no matter how tempted you are -- don't squeeze!

If a new pimple has emerged overnight, most likely it doesn't have a white head on the surface. And if it doesn't have a head, don't squeeze it under any circumstances! That will only make increase swelling and redness. If the pimple does have a white head, apply ice and then gently squeeze the sides of the pimple with your fingers -- not your fingernails. After squeezing, apply ice wrapped in a paper towel to help reduce inflammation.

When there's no head, you also need to ice. Apply wrapped ice to the area for 15 minutes. Then proceed with the following:

  • Soak a cotton ball in toner and dab on the area.
  • Allow to dry and then apply a light moisturizer.
  • Let the moisturizer absorb completely before applying any makeup.
  • Use a green concealer with a small brush.
  • Apply concealer to the red area around the blemish and then blend inward.
  • Use liquid or powder foundation as usual.
  • Apply a dusting of loose powder for a flawless finish.


More coverup tips

Mineral makeup is also a good choice. You can apply the mineral powder in layers to get as much coverage as needed without caking. Be sure to allow moisturizer to absorb completely before applying powder.

A dab of toothpaste, Visine, hemorrhoid cream or even raw potato may also help reduce swelling in a pinch. Apply the product after cooling down the area with ice. Allow it to set for one hour, then rinse with cool water and pat dry. Don't use too much or it may irritate your pimple even more.

If possible, get to a dermatologist or aesthetician for best results. They will be able to drain the pimple and use injections or light treatment for quick healing.



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