It's a bird, it's a plane, it's an accessory!

Jun 29, 2008 at 3:00 p.m. ET

Let's face it, she's got the look. Whether it's the gold tiara, matching cuff bracelets (not one, but two!), red star earrings or rockin' belt with fire engine red knee-length boots, the constantly invisible jet-setting Wonder Woman raises the bar for summer style.

Woman wearing Cuff Bracelet
"Jewelry is the new "it" accessory," says Stephanie Phair, vice-president of merchandising for Portero, an online luxury auction house ( "It has really taken center stages especially with the cuff bracelet." Experts like Phair say upcoming trends reflect a strong powerful look not unlike our Justice League female friends. Inspired by Iron Man or even the latest superhero exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan, this is the look to achieve.

So how can you activate your Wonder Twin powers in the form of some ice, cool bling and accessories? Luxury sites like Portero allow fashionistas to bid on exquisite jewelry, bags and watches. The key, Phair notes, is focusing on one or two statement pieces which incorporate strong fashion statements of gold. "That's very Wonder Woman," she says. Plus, medallions are very "in" and statement necklaces embody strength. "A lot of necklaces are organic and raw…taking them back to kryptonite and Superman."

Plus, certain pieces of jewelry not only look the part, they act it as well by morphing into the superhero stratosphere. For instance, the Clarus Q-Link Pendant not only makes a statement, it actually manifests your energy, improves focus and concentration, reduces negative effects felt by electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, power lines and computers, enhances stamina and endurance, eases headaches and alleviates jet lag.

Seriously, it does.

Here's how it works: the pendant is infused with sympathetic resonance technology, an active agent which rebalances the body's natural energy field. The SRT wafer inserted into the pendant operates similar to a microchip; it's been programmed with healthy energetic frequencies that the body uses to communicate and maintain good health.

"Anyone who wears the Q-Link or Equilibrio cuff experiences superhero strength and status as it delivers improved awareness, advanced mental focus, increased stamina, and a surge in vitality," says Richard Gray, president of Clarus Transphase Scientific, Inc.

So whether you're jetting like our gal WW or morphing into Catwoman, strong fashion statements like our superheroes say it all. But be careful to not say too much. Choose carefully, says Phair. Keep in mind our heroes like Miss WW over accessorized with the belt, those boots, the bling. "I think she crossed the line," she says.

In order to achieve a powerful superhero look, she says from runway to reality one strong accented piece will go a long way. "This shows a strong confident woman, an everyday Wonder Woman." You said it, sister!