Fantasy Fashion League -- for ladies only!

Jan 31, 2008 at 4:02 p.m. ET

The Super Bowl is upon us and while there are many women who enjoy watching the game, there are many who only sit through it for the party. But now with Fantasy Fashion League's Mark Beauty Edition, women can enjoy the game on a whole new level. Similar to Fantasy Football leagues, you can draft a team of celebrities and beauty trends and watch your points accumulate as the celebrities of your choice walk the red carpet at the pre-game show. The commercials and half-time show are also part of the game, so pay close attention to those as well.

SheKnows talked with the founder of Fantasy Fashion League, Erica Salmon and the creative director Jackie Knight for a little more insight into what this game is all about.

SheKnows (SK): How long has there been a Fantasy Fashion League?

Fantasy Fashion League (FFL): From the original test leagues to now, it has been over five very successful years.

SK: How did it come about?

FFL: Creator Erica Salmon was convinced that her husband's Fantasy Football obsession could be translated into something for a female audience. She was right. Women responded instantly and our numbers have been growing ever since. We are now in all 50 states and in 37 different countries.

SK: Is the game just for red carpet season, or is it year round?

FFL: The schedule of seasons is flexible. Our plan was to run it for the Fall (Emmys to CMAs) and the Red Carpet Season. Last year, we ran a Summer Style Season. We can do that again, if mark. wishes. We could also do something in conjunction with the Daytime Emmys in June (we actually work with SoapNet for a fantasy soaps game, so we could do something with them if there was interest from mark. SoapNet always has a presence on the Red Carpet) or whatever they were interested in.

SK: Who makes up the Panel of Experts deciding on the trends?

FFL:In this area, we were very lucky to have our sponsor mark. provide endless expertise on the beauty industry, emerging trends and celeb looks.

SK: How do the Celebrity, Beauty and Shoe editions differ from each other?

FFL: Each game taps into a different interest common to most women.  In Celeb, you can select from celebs and headlines to earn you points. In Shoe, it's celebs and shoe trends.  In Beauty, one of fastest growing games, the player can select from celebs and beauty trends including makeup, hair, jewelry, skin, etc. Each game is designed for the player to follow what they are passionate about while giving them a great outlet for a bit of friendly competition.

SK: How many women are enrolled in the game?

FFL:We have about 27,000 registered users. About 1/3 play Beauty. All registered users receive our weekly email newsletter and the Friday dedicated mark. email blasts (Answer & Win) in which we highlight a mark. product.

SK: How does one earn points during the Super Bowl?

FFL:For FFL Beauty Edition, the Super Bowl red carpet pre-show, the halftime performances and the commercials will all be scored. That means that if Jessica Simpson is in your line-up and she struts her stuff on the red carpet, you will get points not only for her but for every beauty trend she is sporting - hair in a bun, exaggerated eyelashes, hoop earrings, etc. If Jessica is in a commercial, same scoring.

SK: What have been some of the biggest beauty trends seen this year?

FFL:Every year, the ever popular tamed eyebrow is hard to beat and this year has been no exception. The breakout stars of the season have been matte/powderedskin, just-pinched rosy cheeks and strong highlights for hair

SK: What beauty trends should players be on the look out for during the Super Bowl?

FFL:The Super Bowl is the perfect venue for casual elegance - trying really hard to look like you didn't try at all. The players might see some innovative ponytails, an emphasis on lips rather than eyes with glossy finish as a frontrunner and definitely accessories. These looks will rely less on designers and more on the accessories, makeup and hair.

SK: What is the best way to approach choosing a roster?

FFL:Unlike the Oscars or Grammy Awards, there aren't a list of nominees that are a safe bet.  This is a bit unprecedented so listening to rumors of potential commercial appearances, picking celebs that are sure to be there like Gisele Bundchen and going with halftime performers are all going to earn some points.  However, guessing those trends takes a bit of research. We provide stats on the most recent point earning trends which helps our players to gauge what might be a look for the evening. However, becoming a great spotter of trends takes time and a lot of practice.

SK: Can players track their progress and make trades during the game?

FFL:The players will be able to track their progress during the game because we will be scoring this event live.  There will also be a live interactive blog with updates, coverage and chatter throughout the pre-show and Super Bowl.  However, the players must strategize early. They will have until midnight on Saturday to set their line-up for Super Bowl Sunday.

SK: How are points awarded?

FFL:Celebrities will receive 10 points for appearances and performances during the preshow, 15 more points for being in a commercial and 15 more points for any Halftime performances. Trends, when spotted on a celeb during the preshow, in a commercial, and during the Halftime performance will receive 25 points per Trend

SK: What prizes can Fantasy Fashion League participants win?

To choose your team and beauty trends that you think will win you big points, go to target="newwin"> to sign up and play for free. After the Super Bowl, the game continues during other red carpet events and include Celebrity, Shoe and Beauty editions.

FFL:There are two fabulous prizes up for grabs from our friends at mark. There will be a bonus question in our weekly Answer & Win on Friday for an additional chance at the weekly prize.

On Super Bowl Sunday, there will be live trivia questions during our live blog for a chance to win a basket of mark. goodies valued at $250.