Wrap up style points with wrap dresses

The year was 1974. The designer was Diane Von Furstenburg. The garment was the wrap dress. A true dress icon, it’s no wonder an example of Diane’s wrap dress is on display at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. With its ease of both wear and care, the wrap dress can be part of your ‘go to’ outfit any day of the week.

Women wearing wrap dresses

Eternally stylish
It is hard to name many clothing items that enjoy the same brisk sales they do today as they did when they hit the market in the 1970’s. The fabulous wrap dress is one such item. For daytime or a night out on the town, the wrap dress looks appropriate and stylish, with no fashion dilemma necessary on your part. How dare I take away your opportunity to pout, sulk, throw a fit and constantly utter the classic phrase, “But I have nothing to wear!” Well, the nerve of me, right?


A wrap dress is a great option for a business meeting, a parent teacher conference, grocery shopping or date night with your honey. Footwear and jewelry can set the mood for a wrap dress and it takes to scarves, shawls and jackets like a duck takes to water! With flats for day or strappy sandals, pumps or high-heeled boots for evening, this fashion chameleon is at home in any situation, kind of like the ideal man.

Flatters all shapes and sizes
Wrap dresses look good on every woman, no matter what your shape or size. How many dresses look equally as good on Kelly Ripa as on Nigella Lawson, two women with totally opposite body shapes? The design of the wrap dress lends itself to making curves look fabulous, if you have them. But it also shines on thin, less buxom women, showing off a trim physique in a most flattering way.

Available in mini, knee length or ankle length versions, the wrap dress can represent style for women of all heights, too. A sleeveless or short-sleeved wrap dress is seasonless, as it can be worn over a turtleneck or with long sweater or the ever chic pashmina. Don’t sweat it if you gain or lose a few pounds, your wrap dress will always envelope you with unconditional love. More people should study the characteristics of this empathizing dress. They could learn a thing or two.

A wrap dress for every budget
The vast and ongoing popularity of the wrap dress has spilled into every tier of the market, making this a dress that everyone can afford to own. True vintage Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dresses can be found in thrift stores and on the Internet. You can also purchase newly made wrap dresses, re-issued with the vintage prints from the ’70’s, on Diane von Furstenburg’s website at www.dvf.com. I have a short-sleeved black wrap dress from Target that I wear often, with flats, boots and high heels alike. I have a long sleeved wrap dress, also in black, yes I know, it’s a sickness, that I got from Newport News. Available in fabrics from cashmere to cotton and linen, to slinky polyester with Lycra for that ooh la la inducing fit, you can’t go wrong with this dress, trust me!

Work your womanly wiles
With all the pants, skirts and tops out there, I think we often overlook or simply forget about the ease and convenience of a simple, fabulous dress. Donning a dress is one stop shopping, so to speak, at its best. Choose shoes and jewelry and you are out the door. Smart cookie that she is, Diane Von Furstenburg has a famous quote: “Feel like a woman. Wear a dress.” Such a lovely invitation from the lady who is responsible for creating a dress so iconic, it has been replicated in every way imaginable. Wearing a dress truly does make me feel special. A wrap dress will make you look and feel confident and attractive each and every time you wear it. So take it from me, do your self a favor and make room in your closet for at least one wrap dress. You’ll be wrapped up in style in no time.


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