Chocolate pleasures for the fashionable soul

Nov 25, 2007 at 1:54 p.m. ET

Black may be back but chocolate is in fashion. One can't help but notice these days that Oprah is almost always glamorously swathed in a velvety chocolate ensemble.

Gwen Stefani flaunts chocolate nails at her LAMB fashion show. Meanwhile, the Spring '06 runway is rife with chocolate colored jackets, gowns, and prints. While black signals intellectual professionalism, chocolate telegraphs sexy, smart, and luxurious. But chocolate has permeated more than clothes; the latest handbags, scarves, boots, sweats, home furnishings, perfume, beauty products, and even cat treats are all inspired by chocolate. Here's a round up of the sweetest chocolate treats sure to soothe your fashionable soul.

Fashion meets chocolate
What do you get when you cross Stuart Weitzman pumps with milk chocolate? A fashionably decadent life-size chocolate pump so adorable you won't want to eat it. The perfect addition to your shoe collection, Stuart Weitzman chocolate shoes come in a clear plastic purse. Milk chocolate pump $38 at Stuart Weitzman stores. Please go to for a list of stores nationwide.

The real thing
This sexy boot looks like chocolate but is definitely made for walking. With a one-inch heel, it's the perfect boot to wear for work or play. Ritzy boot in chocolate kid suede $82.50 at

Peppermint twist
One of the all-time great combinations is peppermint and chocolate. Sash makes fantastic chocolate and peppermint striped belts, hair-bands, watches, and sweet coordinating t-shirts and corduroy jackets all in the same delectable theme. Next time you're in the mood for a little peppermint and chocolate without the calories, check out

Stay connected in chocolate
This chocolate suede tote by MobileEdge is bound to be your new favorite way to transport your laptop. Featuring a special removable SafetyCell compartment to protect your computer, it has all the features of a great handbag. Complete with a detachable cosmetic pouch, an easy access ticket pocket, not to mention a lifetime warranty, this yummy tote will keep you fashionably connected everywhere you go. MobileEdge chocolate suede laptop tote $169 at

Chocolate comfort
There's nothing like chocolate when you want to curl up and forget the stresses of the day. With a 230 thread count cotton cover and a 2" satin border, this hypoallergenic goose down blanket will keep you stylishly warm and cozy without needing to count calories. Available in a delectable number of shades of chocolate at

When chocolate comes in handy stocks a wonderful array of handbags. If you're looking for the perfect wallet, this lovely chocolate one by Hobo International will organize your life and double as a fashionable clutch. Constructed with a dual frame that opens wide enough to stash makeup it also has a pretty and durable floral print lining and is equipped with an ID pocket, a large zip pocket, tons of compartments including a large bill pocket and a magnetic closure. Hobo International Lauren bag is $99 at

Melt on your feet
This sweet chocolate floral boot is Asian-inspired with a sexy side bow. The origami print, rubber cap toe and faux fleece lining will soothe your feet as well as your soul. Sugar "Oragami" boot $64.99. Go to for more information.

Hot chocolate
Instead of drinking hot chocolate this winter, why not look like a little hot chocolate in this hot Hershey's hoodie. A great addition to your weekend and/or workout wardrobe, it has a slim fit so you can easily layer other chocolaty fashions. Hershey's hoodie, $40 at

Guilt free chocolate
It smells like chocolate and tastes like chocolate but won't mess up your diet. Indulge in the creamy, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate flavor and velvety finish of Millstone's Chocolate Velvet Flavored Coffee. 12 oz package $8.99 at

Wrapped in chocolate cherries
Inspired by the cherry blossoms featured in Japanese paintings, this scarf is intricately embellished on the red silk crepe side, while the chocolate silk side offers a sprinkling of tone-on-tone mirror-work. Wear the red side when you are feeling a little more vibrant and the chocolate when you want to offer just a peek of embroidery. $65 at

The scent of chocolate
Enamored with all things chocolate, Temper Chocolates sought out renowned perfumer Yosh Han to create its own line of customized perfumes. The result is three distinctive perfume oils, each one amazingly unique and all based around cocoa �but cocoa never takes center stage. They range from rich, earthy elegance to light, bright, sparkling innocence and dashing femininity. My personal favorite, Temperare 03, has notes of oak moss, chocolate, fig, vanilla, kukui nut, honey, and sage dalmation. Temperare 03 perfume oil $100 at

Hands down chocolate
Celebs like Nicole Richie are in love with chocolate nails, the trendiest of all accessories. Nicole Richie sports Voo Doo and Gwen Stefani (photo at the top of the article) wears Nail Noir, a plumy shade of chocolate polish. Both colors from

Chocolate cigars
People aren't the only ones who go crazy for chocolate. These chocolate colored catnip cigars are 7 inches long and loaded with the best organic catnip around. Your cat will love them! Catnip cigars $6 each at

The truth about chocolate & love!
As the Charles Schulz character Lucy once said, "All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!" If you indulge in one super decadent chocolate treat this winter, go for one of the best. Joseph Schmidt Confections offers a variety of chocolate delights, including international cookies, chocolate bars, exquisitely hand-crafted chocolates, and amazing chocolate novelties. Their elegantly designed gift-wrapped boxes and keepsake hand-painted paper mach� boxes make it a perfect gift for yourself or someone else. Joseph Schmidt box of 12 mini truffles $15 at

Chocolate girl
Face it, you wouldn't have read this far unless you were truly a chocolate girl to the very core. Why fight it when you can celebrate it? Chocolate Bar, NYC's candy store for grown ups understands this mentality and has a line of tee shirts that come printed with a variety of chocolate tributes. Obviously their "Chocolate Girl" heralds your inner truth and for the rest of the chocolate lovers in your life you can pick up a men's sized "Chocolate Boy" and even a tiny "Chocolate Baby" tee. "Chocolate Girl" short-sleeve t-shirt $17; long-sleeve $22. All this and more at

Even though chocolate doesn't make the world go around, it definitely makes the ride worthwhile. Here's hoping you'll indulge in some shape or form of chocolate pleasures this season!