Summertime haircare tips: Goodbye dry, hello shiny!

Just as the weather changes from winter to spring, so does your hair. Yuki Sharoni of Yuki Sharoni: Beauty & Lifestyle recommends a series of treatments to best prepare your hair for the dramatic changes in temperature and humidity.

3 haircare tips for summer shine

Hayden Panettiere

Try a conditioning treatment

To prepare hair for the changing seasons and get winter-worn hair soft and manageable again, Yuki Sharoni recommends a conditioning treatment for the hair and scalp. His favorites are his own nettle treatment followed by a Kerastase deep conditioning treatment. Nourishing treatments will condition the hair without weighing it down as well as increase manageability, strength and shine.

Experiment with lighter highlights

“Painting the hair in sections a few shades lighter than the natural color brightens dark, dull winter hair,” says Sharoni. “Salon highlights initiate the process and the increased sun will continue to bring out the highlights and brighten your hair naturally as the season changes from spring to summer.”

Apply a gloss treatment

Finally, finish off summer preparation with a colored or clear gloss to give a shiny, healthy glow. Gloss also acts as a protective barrier to the hair cuticle. And as we all know, warmer seasons mean more sun, and more sun means more damage. Hair, like skin, needs all the protection it can get!

At right: Actress Hayden Panettiere shows off her beautiful shiny, highlighted blonde hair. (See more photos of Hayden’s hairstyles here!)

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Yuki Sharoni is the creator and owner of Los Angeles’ hair salon and spa Yuki Sharoni: Beauty & Lifestyle. Yuki Sharoni has a devoted following of A-list Hollywood celebrities and influential tastemakers who rely on Yuki’s unique philosophy that combines the practice of ancient wisdom and the consistent skill and vision of modern science.

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