8 Outside-the-Box Body Care Tips for Your Healthiest Skin Ever

Jul 17, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. ET
Image: Anna Bizon/Getty Images

Our poor, dear bodies. We're all so totally obsessed with keeping our faces looking smooth and wrinkle-free that sometimes we totally forget about the rest of us.

Body care is probably not something you think about on a regular basis — but it definitely should be. Aside from shaving, exfoliating and maybe self-tanning, chances are you're ignoring what's going on below your chin.

Once you start really giving all of your skin the attention it deserves, however, you'll discover an otherwordly glow can extend past your neckline. We've got easy actionable tips to help you up your beauty game from head to toe.

1. Rebalance your scalp


It’s tempting to attack an itchy, flaky scalp with dandruff shampoos at the first hint of irritation. But oftentimes, you can solve scalp issues with a simple rinse to rebalance the pH of the skin.

We layer the sensitive skin under our locks with piles of product so our scalps need a serious refresher now and then. Try organic, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar to soothe your scalp. Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons with 8 ounces of warm water, pour the mixture over your hair in the shower after shampooing. Let it sit for one minute, then rinse. You can repeat this treatment once per week until things get back to normal. Bonus: It makes your hair super-shiny and strengthens the cuticle, which means healthier hair overall.

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2. Smooth your neck


We’re all so focused on smoothing our facial skin that the neck area just south is often neglected. Beyond the obvious sunscreen and antiaging creams, consider exploring lasers for a truly soft, wrinkle-free neck.

Before you give this one a hard pass, not all laser therapy will leave you seriously in debt. You can invest in your own antiaging device. The Conture System is a much buzzed-about little machine that uses compression and vibration to tone and firm neck skin.

3. Take toning to new levels


Aside from a slathering of lotion here and there, our poor arms often go sadly untreated — a crime, really, since they take the brunt of the UV rays and pollution we experience on a daily basis. To tone the skin on your arms (and just generally get ultra relaxed), slip into a hot green tea bath. Green tea is believed to tone and detox the skin — and all you need is hot water and about five tea bags. Add some Epsom salts to fight inflammation and some vitamin E oil if you’re looking to soften skin.

4. Keep glowing


Studies have shown that turmeric fights inflammation and eradicates bacteria, making it perfect for igniting a glow in your skin and managing breakouts (see ya, backne!).

Make a turmeric mask for your whole body by combining equal parts turmeric (which you can find at most health food stores or buy in bulk here), honey and full-fat yogurt or coconut oil. If you are masking just your face, do 1 teaspoon of each.

Warning: This stuff stains! Be careful when you are applying. It will ruin clothes and towels with a quickness, so be extremely cautious.

5. Bumps in the road


The tops and backs of our thighs are another spot we neglect way too often.

One common complaint in this area of the body is rough little bumps called keratosis pilaris. KP is a condition that develops when the skin produces too much of a protein called keratin, which can block hair follicles and cause bumps to develop. It can make the skin on the legs look rough, uneven and dull.

The key to minimizing the appearance of KP and smoothing the skin is our good old buddy exfoliation. But put down your loofah! Manual exfoliation is too intense for this delicate skin. Instead, use a product with BHA or AHA to chemically exfoliate areas with KP and get a smoother look and feel. We love Paula’s Choice Resist Weightless Body Treatment with 2 percent BHA or 10 percent AHA.

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6. Collagen supplements


You've probably heard of collagen by now — it's become a huge buzzword in the beauty world. But collagen is not hype; it's the real deal, and it can help get you healthier skin on your face and body.

It’s the most abundant protein in our bodies and is responsible for healthy skin, hair and nails that have a youthful, plump look. As we get older, collagen fibers break or clump together and the signs of aging begin to show. You can fight back, however, with a slew of new collagen supplements on the market. We love Vital Proteins! They have a whole line of collagen powders that are easy to incorporate into your diet.

7. Hydrate


Talk about beating a dead horse, right? Yes, we know that telling you to hydrate for better skin is nothing new — but we do have something new to share; we swear it.

If you can’t stomach 64 ounces of water in a day, you can help yourself along with a new breed of supplement. Hum Nutrition’s Red Carpet Hydration Supplement is formulated to promote plump, healthy-looking skin with an intriguing blend of seeds, essential fats and vitamin E.

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