13 tiny changes that’ll give you next-level hair, skin & nails

There’s no denying that those days at the spa are absolutely glorious, but they’re not necessary to have the hair, skin and nails of your dreams.

In fact, all it takes is a few simple changes in your daily routine to get shiny hair, glowing skin and strong, gorgeous nails. Save the spa days for your mental well-being, ladies — you don’t need them to achieve the look you want.

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1. Pack in the protein

That morning protein shake does a lot more than help tone your muscles*. It also helps thicken hair.

2. Limit sugary treats

That extra helping of dessert isn’t only bad for your waistline. Too much sugar can also damage the precious collagen that keeps wrinkles at bay. As if you needed another reason to pass on that slice of cake, right?

3. Drink your milk

Take your own advice the next time you tell your kids to drink their milk — you need it, too, mama. The vitamin D and calcium help build healthy hair and nails*.

4. Don’t cut all the fat

There’s nothing wrong with watching what you eat, but making cuts that are too drastic will deprive your hair, skin and nails of the nutrients they need to thrive. Not enough essential fatty acids can lead to dry skin, and hair and nails that are brittle and easily breakable.

5. Cover your head

You know the sun can wreak havoc on your skin but that’s not its only offense. Those same UV rays that send you diving for the sunblock can also damage your hair, making it brittle and easy to break. Next time you step out in the sun, grab a hat or scarf to cover up those pretty tresses.

6. Take your multi-vitamins

What you eat has a lot to do with how your skin, hair and nails look. Fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet by taking a daily multi-vitamin to keep everything strong, healthy and glowing.

7. Go organic with your meat

While you’re upping your protein intake, reach for the organic meat. It may be a little more pricey, but some dermatologists say patients who eat meat without the added hormones notice improvements in the look of their skin.

8. Get to the gym

Here’s one more reason to get that booty to the gym — increased blood flow from your workout gives your skin a healthy glow and stimulates your scalp, keeping hair follicles healthy.

9. Chill on the coffee

Caffeine may do a great job of keeping you perky, but it does just the opposite for your hair, skin and nails. Too much caffeine dehydrates your body, and you need hydration to look your best.

10. Add yoga to your workout

Don’t just stick to cardio while you’re rocking it out at the gym. Throw in some yoga for even better circulation. It’s also great for reducing stress, which we all know doesn’t do your hair, skin or nails any favors.

11. Don’t wait to moisturize

Reach for your moisturizer as soon as you get out of the shower. Applying it within two to three minutes will trap moisture in the skin and keep your skin better hydrated.

12. Sleep on your back

While catching up on your beauty rest, try to lie on your back as much as possible. Sleeping on your back prevents fluid accumulation that leads to puffiness and dark circles under the eyes and may lead to more wrinkles as you age.

13. Take a break from polish

All that polish sure looks pretty, but it keeps your nails from absorbing moisture, leading to brittle, breakable nails.

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