Quadriplegic woman's makeup video shows off her amazing skills

Mar 24, 2016 at 11:44 p.m. ET

Found: your new favorite makeup vlogger.

Meag Gallagher is a comedian, actress, singer and producer who loves makeup; she also happens to be quadriplegic.

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She was unable to use her hands after her 2005 injury, but she regained the use of her hands — which she affectionately refers to as paws — to put on her favorite thing: makeup.

"After my spinal cord injury 10 years ago, it wasn't easy learning to do makeup again, but I figured it out. If I can do it with my Barbie paws, you can, too," she says.

And she's not kidding: Gallagher recently posted a makeup tutorial that demonstrates how she uses a variety of makeup to create a flawless look.


"This is not just any makeup tutorial," she says in the YouTube video. "I got special paws, but who cares? I can still make my face look beautiful, thanks to makeup."

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The witty vlogger takes viewers through each step by using her "wonky fingers" with some serious humor.

"I thought people would be interested in seeing how I put myself together and maybe that could inspire someone else with their look, whether they're disabled or able-bodied," she told Mic of her inspiration for the video.

And for those with something negative to say? "Get over it," she instructs in the video. "Sometimes I have to put brushes in my mouth to make stuff work."

But her hands can do many things no one thought she'd be able to do after her accident. "I can hold my own wine glasses, apply my makeup with ease and pen nasty notes to my enemies with no trouble."

Please come do my makeup, Meag.

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