Photographer celebrates natural hair with breathtaking project

Mar 23, 2016 at 12:01 a.m. ET

Curl cream. Straightening balm. Frizz-fighting serum.

The majority of hair products on salon and store shelves are meant to fight your hair in one way or another. Basically, we're taught that the only "good hair" is a type other than our own.

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And that's just not true.


Case in point: A new photo series created by London-based fashion blogger and photographer Dazhane Leah shows off the beauty of natural hair. The art project shows her beautiful afro adorned with a variety of embellishments, all meant to bring attention to her strands and their lack of conformation to the norm.

The point of the "Afro Bloomin" series is to celebrate different ethnicities and the different hair types that come with them.

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"I've read, seen for myself, and been told by family and friends about the negative experiences they've had when wearing their natural hair," Leah told Mashable. "An afro is a statement and the hairstyle itself represents and holds so much history and passion and represents so much.”


And it's an extension of your personality. I've often had people recommend that I straighten my hair with the various keratin treatments du jour, but I'd never do it. I like going straight once in a while, but my bushy, curly hair is part of who I am, just like Leah's afro is part of what makes her who she is.

"Society tells us that our natural, God-given kinks and curls is (sic) not 'good hair,'" she added. "Natural hair, no matter what way a person decides to wear it should equally fit societies (sic) standards of 'good hair.'"

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