Old Navy is making it possible to wear white jeans and live life

Mar 22, 2016 at 11:42 p.m. ET

Old Navy has changed the way you drink, eat and wear clothes, forever.

The retailer just introduced the Mid-Rise Stay-White Rockstar Super Skinny jeans ($45), a style that is resistant to stains.

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Seriously… throw some coffee and red wine on the pants and they'll just roll right off. Tougher stains, like those from food, take a little more work.

"The pairs are then treated with a stain-resistant wash, which makes liquids roll off the surface, magically, making the jeans perform well with many of your everyday liquid spills like coffee, juice, and wine; and combat more difficult stains after one wash," Melissa Morrin, Old Navy's senior designer for women's denim, told Refinery29.

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And it's just in time, too. "White denim is a must-have for spring and summer, and for many, it replaces classic-wash denim to become the everyday jean style," Morrin added.

Old Navy isn't the first to introduce stain-resistant white jeans, though; Joe's Jeans introduced a skinny white pair in 2014 and they lived up to the hype. The ON jeans are cheaper and come in more sizes — 0-20 in petite, regular and tall — so many women can rock the white without fear this spring.

If only Old Navy could come up with some creeper-repelling denim. Next season, please?

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