Woman uses a paint roller to apply self-tanner, and it doesn’t go well

Like many fair-skinned women, Imogen Silversides turned to self-tanner to help her obtain a sun-kissed glow without the sun.

The British woman followed a tip she saw on Facebook and used a paint roller to apply her tanning lotion. The results? Well, she got a tan, but it was just a tad darker than she wanted.

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And by “a tad” we mean “a lot.”

“Who ever the girl was that recommend to apply fake tan with a paint roller is one lying f***. Don’t think I’ll be at work Friday (sic),” Silversides posted to Facebook on Feb. 9, along with a photo of her very, very, very dark skin.

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The hue, according to Silversides, looked like “the color of a dining room table.”

Another woman, Amy Ridler, gave Silversides the idea. She posted about it on Facebook in early February and, from the looks of it, was successful with her paint-roll tan.

“Okay so you don’t get it on your hands,can wash it,perfect even tan, NO STREAKS can get it mega dark if you like oh and you can reach your back (sic),” Ridler wrote of the paint roller trick.

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We definitely can’t blame Silversides for wanting a glow, even if a paint roller isn’t really the best way to do it. Lucky for her, there are products that can rapidly fade heavy-handed fake tans.

And it looks like everything is back to normal now, judging from a Valentine’s Day photo she posted to Facebook. But hey, we can’t blame her for trying to get a perfect tan in time for spring.


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