Kim Kardashian shares her secret to gravity-defying cleavage

Kim Kardashian’s cleavage always looks flawless — and now we know how she does it.

The mom of North West and baby Saint West gave her followers the big secret behind her gravity-defying cleavage, and it’s actually pretty simple: tape.

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More specifically, she uses gaffer’s tape to go braless in plunging dresses.

“I’ve used everything from duct tape to packing tape to masking tape and I think that the best I found is gaffer’s tape,” she wrote on her Web site. “It sticks the best!”

Gaffer’s tape is like duct tape in consistency and look, but it’s even more heavy duty and is used to keep materials in place in theatre, photography and television production. Basically, it looks like Kardashian lifts and separates her breasts and then harnesses the tape around them and up onto her shoulders, much like a bra would.

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Now, this trick won’t keep wardrobe malfunctions from happening if you decide to copy her technique. For that, you’ll need to get some double-sided fashion tape that will keep fabric in place when you’re wearing something especially revealing.

Our biggest question: Does it hurt when you take it off? Heavy duty has to equal heavy pain — and Kardashian confirms it. “Just brace yourself for when it’s time to take it off LOL,” she wrote.

It might be worth it to make your boobs look bangin’ in that dress. But as an everyday thing? We’ll leave that to Kim.

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