Target Australia applauded for their new campaign featuring all body shapes

Feb 16, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. ET

Target Australia are promoting body acceptance and empowering women with their diverse new campaign.

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The brand made the decision to create a campaign that features women of all shapes and sizes, and the diversity has been a welcome change for consumers who are tired of looking at a single-size typical "model" body shape.

Ahead of Valentine's Day, Target Australia took to Instagram to share their lingerie campaign with customers, which features styles for "every body." Also notable is the fact that the shots appear to have had little to no retouching, and all the "imperfections" that make these women real are on full display.


But it's not just different sizes that the brand is focused on; it's also different ages. It's a sad fact that in the fashion world, women past a certain age are often treated as second-class citizens, but no longer — Target Australia's campaign shots feature the stunning 53-year-old model Mel Brady and prove that beauty knows no age.


Unsurprisingly the inclusive direction of the campaign has been praised.

"How beautiful and refreshing!! Yay to this!!" rosiecarter1821 commented.

"Yayyyy real women with real curves we will be reposting this one!" weddedwonderland shared.

"Well done target for using real women with real body type as you models," commenter sabina_jones wrote, adding, "Hopefully this help many women with body issues to realize we are all beautiful in our own way..."

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Two weeks ago the retail giant also posted images of their activewear.



Again, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response, as customers applauded them for representing diverse body shapes and "keeping it real."

Target Australia praised for diverse models in campaign
Image: Target Australia/Instagram
Target Australia promotes diversity with new campaign
Image: Target Australia/Instagram

In addition to their recent campaigns, last December Target Australia also made an effort to showcase more realistic bodies with their swimwear range. Even earlier in 2015, the brand also made the decision to feature plus-size mannequins in their stores.


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We're happy to see that Target Australia is focused on sharing images of women from all walks of life, to put an end to the archaic notion that only a size Small is beautiful.