4 top stylists weigh in on what they want to do to your hair for spring

Mar 4, 2016 at 7:00 a.m. ET
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Maybe it's a cliché, but something about the change in seasons means it's time for a styling change. Whether it's a new bedspread (spring cleaning, anyone?) or a new dye job, the "refreshing" vibe of spring means there's no better excuse to drop some bills on a makeover.

We consulted with some of our favorite stylists to decide just how to mix up our hair this spring.

1. Layered mid-length cuts that are more manageable

For those of you who are done trying to imitate Julianne Hough's perfect messy blowout, we have good news: The lob has met its demise. Judy McGuinness, stylist at Mizu Salon in NYC, says mid-length hair is the way to go as more women start to grow out their lobs. Women are aiming for a "still fashion-forward mid-length cut, keeping it more blunt than super layered," she says. Rafe Hardy, Artistic Director for Sexy Hair, predicts we'll see more "shoulder-length textured perimeter bobs."

Khloe Kardashian hair
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2. Extra texture to spice up your lob

If you're looking to leave your lob behind, Nate Rosenkranz, one of the Creative Team Stylists at Alterna Haircare suggests punching up your look with more texture. "For a while we've been seeing the softer beachy waves, and now it's been fun to do more of an unstructured, edgier spin on that look," he says. His go-tos for spring include short, shaggy rocker cuts inspired by Joan Jett.

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3. Long braids

On the styling front, this season's trends are all about comfort, ease and cool-girl appeal. According to Tara Smith, who has styled celebs from Demi Moore to Lindsay Lohan, we'll see the return of long braids.

Hailey Baldwin hair

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4. Unfixed buns

For Hardy, braids and buns — two styles that are only as complicated as you want them to be — will reign supreme. "Buns have taken on a much looser, unfixed, casual feel that can be adorned with barrettes, headbands and other accessories," he says. That means, depending on your mood, you can wear your "I woke up like this" look or follow a 20-step Pinterest tutorial to get the braid/bun you want, and you'll be on trend either way.

Kate Upton unfixed bun
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5. Messy bangs

If you're looking for just a small change, our stylists suggest (don't be scared!) messy bangs. "I think the biggest impact with the least commitment is to change up your fringe. It doesn't have to be a full bang, but even shorter pieces framing your face can make a big difference," says McGuinness. Don't worry, if all else fails, you can always throw your hair up in a bun.

Dakota Johnson messy bangs
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