Makeup artist’s glitter skull look is out of this world (PHOTOS)

Instagram is awash with fabulous makeup transformations, but now and again, an artist makes us stop and stare, and this week it’s Ireland’s Jade Deacon.

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Deacon’s glitter skull creations are truly out of this world: 

It takes Deacon, 23, up to two hours to create this look, which she starts by applying the base before working on the eyes and then finally the nose. “The most difficult part is doing the skull teeth”, she told SheKnows. “It takes a lot of time to make sure the black is blending well before I apply the glitter. I then go over the teeth with black lines to make sure they come out individually”.

Gold glitter is then applied to the centre of the nose, the eyelids and eyebrows.

It looks pretty incredible in pink too:

Deacon, who studied theatrical and media makeup at Dun Laoghaire college in Dublin, said she’s always been artistic and loved that she could create art through makeup. She currently works as a freelance makeup artist, and her ambition is to work in London and LA to get as much experience as possible and learn work about special effects makeup in film and television.

The artist credits social media for playing a huge part in growing her business. “It’s so powerful”, she said. “I find it amazing that you can connect with so many other artists that have the same passion. Also, some brands have started to notice my work through social media, which is a huge compliment”.

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Deacon’s Instagram account showcases many other amazing designs: 

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