4 Staple jewelry pieces every woman should have

As we’ve discussed in a previous SheKnows article, buyers should use caution when looking at a jewelry purchase as a financial investment. Still, jewelry is an essential part of any wardrobe and can become a critical piece of your signature style if you know what pieces will hold their style as well as their value.

When buying jewelry essentials, focus on simple styles that can blend with other items in your jewelry box and can accent any dress codes from classy and sophisticated to cocktail attire. People typically think of their wedding set and perhaps a luxury watch first, but after acquiring those items, consider these staple pieces:

  1. An item of sentimental value: Wedding sets aren’t the only pieces of jewelry with sentimental value. A luxury watch can mark an important date or milestone, for example. Stacked birthstone rings can be a beautiful way to celebrate the birthdays of children, grandchildren or other loved ones. Sentimental pieces of jewelry will be frequently worn, so they justify a bigger investment.
  2. Diamond Stud Earrings: Simple diamond stud earrings are a perfect cornerstone of a fine jewelry collection. They can be upgraded from time to time and can add a pretty sparkle to any outfit.
  3. Pearls: A string of pearls and matching set of earrings are classic, but not too flashy, and make a perfect finish to any outfit and occasion.
  4. Bangle bracelet: A simple bracelet adds a chic style to any outfit. For a fun take on this classic look, consider stacking bangles of varying metals and stones to mix and match.

When shopping the latest trends in jewelry, purchase items that are affordable. For your jewelry wardrobe staples, however, look for pieces of jewelry that will complement and complete the remainder of your collection despite the changing tides of fashion.


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