Video highlights the differences between real beauty & stylised versions

Nov 6, 2015 at 12:59 p.m. ET

There has been an influx of online videos depicting the different styles of women throughout the ages but the reality is that these are often based on stereotypes of the "perfect" female body type or beauty.

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Exposing the historical inaccuracies surrounding beauty in the 1900s to 1940s is something Polish fashion blogger and costume designer Karolina Zebrowska feels strongly about, and it was this that inspired her video, Real Women — Beauty Through The Decades The Realistic Way.

The journey Zebrowska takes us on begins with the iconic Gibson girl of the 1900s. However she reveals that in 1901 almost 40 percent of factory workers were women — and there is nothing glamorous about hard work and brutal working conditions.

Realistic beauty through the ages video
Image: Domowa Kostiumologia/ YouTube

We all know the 1940s Betty Grable Style (inspired by the actress) as the chic updo and on-point makeup with dark red lips, but for most woman during the decade war had ravaged their country and according to the video, "In 1945 there were more than 21,000 nurses in the US army."

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Realistic beauty throughout the ages video
Image: Domowa Kostiumologia/ YouTube

The pattern here is easy to follow: when we think of beauty throughout the decades, and try to recreate it, we often focus on stereotypical standards portrayed by pop culture. But this isn't what real women looked like during that time.

In the caption to her video Zebrowska said, "To be frank, it was supposed to be just another 'Beauty Through The Decades' video. I saw lots of them already, but they all have seemed to show beauty standards in a very stereotypical and pop-culture way, so I wanted to do a more historically accurate one. As I was doing some research, I became more and more aware that [the] beautiful faces and fashion we see on the photos, ads and fashion plates are just an idealistic version of reality. So here's to reality."

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We think this video is beautiful and it's refreshing to see history being depicted accurately. The most important part of it is the message it sends: "Please don't forget real women."


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