Brave women are posting photos of themselves dancing on social media

Nov 2, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. ET

How many times do you just dance around your room with complete abandon? Most of us do it and we jiggle and shake happily with no reservations. The problem, of course, comes when other people are watching.

A fabulous new Instagram trend is taking our dancing out of the privacy of our bedroom and putting it on social media. The new #donthatetheshake hashtag is sweeping Instagram and encouraging women who might not have traditionally "perfect" bods to show them off anyway. From the founder:

For those of you who are new, @donthatetheshake is an AMAZING movement started by @yourstruelymelly designed to glorify all of our wonderful bodies in motion! It's not about being a world class dancer, it's about showing off all of your jiggle and having fun! It's about appreciating what our bodies allow us to do and not worrying if the world isn't ready for this jelly. EVERYONE is invited to do their own videos, and all bodies are welcome to adapt to their abilities, their comfort levels and their music choices

It's quite a lovely concept, no? See below:


For women who might not feel embraced by traditional media and might not feel conventionally "hot," this is a great way to shake some body positivity. And you know what? It does more than that, too.

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I am definitely someone who works very hard on my physique and have always stuck to a pretty traditional and, perhaps conventional, view of what attractive really is. Seeing these women dancing proudly (and sexily!) really opened my eyes.


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There is more to sexy than slender abs and a toned bod. Loving this.

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