Um, we love Halloween. We love Halloween candy, we love the spooky ambiance that permeates the whole month, we love binging on scary movies night after night and we love hitting up every single party we're invited to during the week of All Hallows' Eve. There's also all the great candy. Did we already mention that?

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But if your among the large portion of the population who tends to procrastinate, the end of October can also get a little stressful when it's the eleventh hour and you don't have a costume yet. It happens to the best of us.

When shopping for a Halloween costume has totally slipped your mind, you can start by doing what our generation does best, thanks to Pinterest. Create. And make things pretty. But yes, mostly create. We can MacGyver any situation and make mountains from molehills with just a little inspiration.

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You'll be surprised how many costumes you actually already have in your closet. The outfit ideas below are easy and fun — but really clever, too! So even though they're last-minute, they don't have to look last-minute:

1. Hello Kitty

Image: Hello Kitty/

No one is ever too old for Hello Kitty. Here are the basics you'll need for this costume — but you can really have a lot of fun with this one. Think cute skirts, tall platforms and sparkly makeup.

2. Regina George

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If you're really strapped for time and your closet selections are limited, try Regina George from Mean Girls. Here's everything you'll need (and your tanks can really be any color):

3. Party animal

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I love this one. You can take it so many different ways, depending on what you have. We've outlined what you'll need to be a party leopard, but think pandas, giraffes and lions, too!

Next Up: Walter White

Originally published October 2015. Updated September 2017.

4. Walter White

Image: AMC

Forget Heisenberg — go for the real Walter White that we know and love from Breaking Bad.

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5. Rosie the Riveter

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Don't forget about Rosie! She's our cultural symbol of feminism — and is inspiration for a very simple, but powerful, outfit.

6. Holly Golightly


If you're a girl for pearls, then this one is for you. Pull out your inner Holly Golightly from that first scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's with just these few items.

7. Unicorn

Image: brothajahn/Getty Images

Yes! You can be a unicorn! Now's the time to pull out that old bridesmaid dress you wore once, try that hair chalk kit you bought last year and tie your hair into a bow.

Next Up: Minion

8. Minion

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Minions and their popularity are taking over the world. So, why not join in? Heck, for this one, you could dress up as a minion and your friend can be the unicorn (above).

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9. Sandy

Image: Morgan Reale/YouTube

Look at me, it's Sandra Dee! Recreate one of the world's favorite scenes ever in the entire history of movies as Sandy from Grease.

10. Charlie Chaplin

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You can always go for a classic, like Charlie Chaplin. Mustaches are so fun — why not spend the night in one?