6 Bloggers who use fashion to fight ageism

Jan 18, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. ET

The desire to look beautiful and follow trends doesn't end when you turn 40 — and these amazing fashion bloggers are sending a positive message to society about how age doesn't have to define your sense of style.

All you have to do is open up most fashion magazines to see that society believes trendy fashion is the domain of the very young. When you've got 16-year-old models rocking $2,000 miniskirts and space boots that most of us haven't worn since the days we went clubbing with fake IDs, what other take-away can there possibly be? Of course, that doesn't paint the entire picture and many top designers (Carolina Herrera, Vivienne Westwood), as well as more affordable brands (Zara, Karina Ruby) create clothing tailor-made for professional women who aren't 25.

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Fashion bloggers are like sartorial philosophers — we're fortunate to have them because the great ones don't simply showcase their fashion savvy, they've mastered the ability to reinterpret fashion so that it works for the everyday woman, whether she's 20 or 80, a size 2 or 18, wealthy or living paycheck to paycheck. And these six fashion bloggers stand out because they celebrate fashion worn by women who aren't represented by most style mags — and, in the process, they use fashion to fight ageism.

Accidental Icon


Accidental Icon's Lyn Slater is an absolute badass. The NYC native always slays, whether she's dressed down in rolled-up jeans and sneakers or making a statement in Miyake deconstructed blouses and a head-to-toe print suit. Her signature gray bob and mostly all-black wardrobe have really and truly earned her the "icon" title, though this is no accident.

The Sartorialist


Scott Schuman is a well-known photographer who captures amazing street fashion on The Sartorialist. His appreciation for unique style and beauty is in no way limited to the very young and his candids of men and women of all ages are visual poetry.

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Style Crone


Judith is a 72-year-old woman who started Style Crone as a way of honoring older women who aren't afraid of piling on accessories, wearing an insanely gorgeous vintage leopard turban or practicing yoga in a luxe black maxi skirt. She favors dramatic, bold prints and colors and anyone with a serious hat obsession should follow her immediately.

Advanced Style


Ari Seth Cohen travels around New York City with a camera and a mission: Find any and all mature women who are dressed to the nines and photograph them for Advanced Style. The feathered hats, vivid hair shades, incredible accessories and authentic smiles will inspire you to enjoy every moment of your life.

Garance Doré


To be fair, Garance Doré is a baby. At 40, she's still very much the target audience for fashion magazines, but you'll want to start following her now because you can just tell that, in 10 years, she's still going to be teaching all of us how to dress. The French photographer and author takes risks, but does so in ways that don't involve flaunting skin — instead, she'll cut off the bottom of her jeans and sew them to her shirt sleeves. She'll also introduce you to other fashionable women who aren't still in college and expand your fashion horizons.

Not Dead Yet Style


The gorgeous blonde who heads Not Dead Yet Style is 60-something and dedicated to showing women how to be both "authentic" and "beautiful." With an array of looks that range from a classic wrap dress to thrifted jewelry and funky floral dusters, she doesn't conform or disappoint. You'll find yourself coveting her wardrobe, no matter what your age.