Tiny tacos nail art tutorial for foodies and nail art lovers alike

Nov 10, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. ET
Image: Kara Endres/Sheknows

Spice up your nails with this cute taco print!


DYI tiny tacos nail art: Supplies
Image: Kara Endres/Sheknows

  • White polish
  • Green polish
  • Lime green polish
  • Brown polish
  • Light yellow polish
  • Dark yellow polish
  • Red polish
  • Turquoise polish
  • Small brush
  • Dotting tool


Step 1:

DYI tiny tacos nail art: Step 1
Image: Kara Endres/Sheknows

Begin with a turquoise base coat.

Step 2:

DYI tiny tacos nail art: Step 2
Image: Kara Endres/Sheknows

Use the small brush and white polish to make the taco shapes on all nails. Let dry, then cover with the light yellow polish, leaving a bit of white showing through for texture. Add some dark yellow polish on top of that for more dimension.

Step 3:

DYI tiny tacos nail art: Step 3
Image: Kara Endres/Sheknows

DYI tiny tacos nail art: Step 3b
Image: Kara Endres/Sheknows

To create the filling, use the dotting tool to dot some brown polish on the bottom side of each taco. Then use the brush to make small lime green brushstrokes on the top of the tacos for lettuce, going down to meet the brown "meat." Brush on a few darker green strokes and then make red dots for the "tomatoes."

Step 4:

DYI tiny tacos nail art: Step 4
Image: Kara Endres/Sheknows

Let dry completely and then finish with a top coat.