I rocked neon eyebrows and they looked pretty great

Oct 27, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. ET
Image: Ally Hirschlag

I'm not what you would call a bold makeup wearer. I tend to stick to my three staple eyeshadow colors — black, gray and white — and rarely wear blush or lipstick. However, I love the act of putting on makeup and thus always hope for the excuse to try something really daring.

That's why when I heard colored eyebrows were becoming the trend of the season, I immediately went out and bought a ton of colored pencils with which to experiment. I also made sure to scour Instagram for inspiration before I started drawing all over my eyebrows. After all, you can't just dive into something as extreme as rainbow eyebrows without a bit of a game plan, right? So after a good 20 minutes (OK, an hour) of looking through #colorfulbrows, I (kind of) had a game plan.

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Right off the bat, I noticed the colored brows that look best are the ones that accent a bold hair color. Bright pink brows look particularly good with deep purple hair, for example. My hair is colored, but it's a (in this case) boring natural shade of red, so I was a bit nervous to see how vibrant brows would play against normal-colored hair. There was only one way to find out.

Blue brows

blue eyebrows
Image: Aly Hirschlag

I decided to go with blue first, because it's my favorite color, and honestly, I thought it would be the safest. Boy, was I wrong. The blue came out super dark, so I ended up looking like a redheaded Groucho Marx. Also, the fact that I'm the palest person on the planet didn't help matters much. Note to all pale people — dark, cool colors on your eyebrows should be used sparingly, if at all.

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Purple brows

purple eyebrows
Image: Aly Hirschlag

I was a bigger fan of purple, because the result was much subtler than the blue. I felt like I could actually walk down the street wearing this, and people wouldn't think I was headed to a kids' birthday party. I liked how the warmer tone complemented my hair color, and while I was hoping for a slightly more intense result, I was happy with the overall effect.

Rainbow brows

rainbow eyebrows
Image: Aly Hirschlag

I had to at least attempt the rainbow brow, because it looks so awesome when it's done well. I decided to start from a brighter color (turquoise) and fade to more subtle colors (blue and pink). I completed the look with pink and gold shadow to help draw your eye back up to the pink in the brow. I was surprised how much I liked the result, and while I probably wouldn't wear it out to dinner, I'd totally rock it at a bachelorette party or an outdoor music fest.

Gold brows

Gold Eyebrows
Image: Aly Hirschlag

I decided to round out the brow experimenting with a soft gold simply because it was the one color I didn't see represented on Instagram. This one was my favorite look, because it really picked up the highlights in my hair and gave me a fairylike, ethereal quality — something for which I often strive. I honestly thought a lighter brow wouldn't look good with fair skin, but I was pleasantly surprised with the result.

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The moral here is, don't be afraid to change up your look, even if you think what you're trying is a little extreme. Makeup is magical, and you never know how cool you could look until you get a bit crazy.