Woman with natural tramp stamp becomes Internet famous

Sep 10, 2015 at 12:37 p.m. ET
Image: Altrendo Images/Getty Images

If you get what's commonly referred to as a "tramp stamp" tattoo, it may be occasionally perceived as slutty. However, what if you didn't actually put it there — that's just how you were born? Would it still have the same connotation?

Imgur user Maxime has what she calls a "natural tramp stamp" on her left hip, or as it's more commonly known, a birthmark. Now aside from being on the large side, it's not terribly unusual, until you start to see what it very closely resembles — a little dinosaur.

Image: MaximeIndeed/Imgur

Pretty cute, right? Well, Maxime certainly didn't think so while she was growing up. She said on her Imgur page, "I have always hated it and since I can remember I've said 'when I'm older I'm having it removed.'" But wouldn't you know it, as she got older, the little dino birthmark grew on her, to the point where she felt comfortable sharing him with everyone on Imgur.

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And for some reason, everyone on Imgur fell in love with it. Her post, which includes several different pictures of the birthmark, even one where she outlines its dino aspects, has been viewed almost 250,000 times, and currently has 821 comments. Some of the comments come from people who also have weird birthmarks in places, while others voice frustrations on why such an un-extraordinary thing would garner such attention. Even more enjoy pointing out that Maxime is incorrect in calling her natural tattoo a tramp stamp, because a tramp stamp usually denotes a tattoo on the lower back.

Image: MaximeIndeed/Imgur

However, whether they love or hate her, their attention is still counted in the Internet world. My personal favorites are all the photo offerings of other things her "tramp stamp" could be besides a dinosaur. Here are some of the best comments she's received.

INCEPTIONBWAAAAAMM: "Haha my bro has the same thing, the running gag is that the nurse spilt coffee on him when he was born."

SpringPixie: "Wait so if I post vaguely sexualized photos of my birthmarks turned into a cute animal I can get fake internet points too?"

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Image: Fluffaloo/Imgur

Fluffaloo: Goldfish dragon?

We live in a world where weird, perhaps slightly sexual, body things are what catch people's attention. While some very adamantly point it out as ridiculous, the fact that they still look proves my point. There's really no moral here except it's great to love all the weird stuff on your body, and if putting pictures of it on the Internet empowers you, then you go, girl.

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