7 Classic makeup trends that were basically made for fall

Oct 15, 2015 at 8:00 a.m. ET
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Fall means a few things to a basic bitch like me. I get to pull my fuzzy boots and yoga pants out of the closet. Life is worth living again because my beloved pumpkin spice latte is back. And I finally get to transition my summer makeup to the fall season.

I wish I were joking. But all of these compelling reasons make fall absolutely, undeniably my favorite time of year. As silly as it is to admit that I'm looking forward to the smell of crisp leaves and wood-burning stoves just so I can rotate my summer makeup to the back of the drawer, it's true. Updating my autumnal look is one of the finer fall festivities you'll find mixed up among the Halloween door decor and DIY Thanksgiving cornucopias on my Pinterest boards.

We can all agree that fall makeup is exciting — until we get hung up on the execution. Trying a new makeup trend poses a major risk, which is why most of us keep our faces firmly stuck in the fall makeup styles of yesteryear (muddy brown lipstick, I'm looking at you). Playing it safe may be the best way to avoid looking like a fool on your daily Starbucks run, but it also means you'll miss out on all the fun new fall makeup trends popping up in 2015.

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Trying a new makeup trend doesn't have to be intimidating. With my years spent working as an aesthetician and makeup artist and the input from several top beauty professionals, I'm here to guide you through the treacherous process. There's only one season where you get to try fresh, new makeup whilst drinking a pumpkin spice latte, and it's happening right now:

1. Bronze eyeshadow


This first one is easy — and it gives you the opportunity to gently transition from summer to fall without making any drastic changes to your makeup routine, says Hillary Kline, beauty and lifestyle vlogger at Haute Hills. Kline recommends updating your fall look with a new eyeshadow in a bronze or copper tone, applied as an allover lid color.

2. Cat eye


While the cat eye is far too formal to rock poolside, it pairs perfectly with gothic-inspired fall makeup shades like berry and copper. Liz Evenson, professional makeup artist at Pyara in Massachusetts, says cat eyes are making a comeback as the weather cools, merging modern and classic into one eye-popping fall trend. She explains how to take the basic cat eye to the next level: "Give the traditional cat eye a straight edge with swiped or smudged eyeliner. To add more intrigue, give the edge a double-wing."

3. Dark lips


If you, like me, have been waiting for years for your favorite heavy-handed '90s makeup trends to resurface so you can finally wear that dirty flannel lurking in the back of your closet, you're in luck. This fall, it's all about grunge meets glamour with a vintage '90s twist, says Evenson. She recommends "darker lip colors [to] give a quick pop to a bare face — great for the minimalist on the go!"

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4. Flushed cheeks


You know that sexy flush you get after coming in from the cold? You can replicate that just-been-kissed effect without ever stepping foot outside, with a few well-placed strokes of your makeup brush. "As that summer glow and bronze look fades, I always say that flushed cheeks are the way to go. Add a deep plum color to the apple of your cheeks or a peach tone to brighten your cheeks and provide a nice fall glow," says Kline.

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5. Long lashes


As Wendy Solomon, makeup artist and owner of North Carolina's Flawless Day Spa, puts it so well: "This fall, the eyes have it." If you try even one fall makeup trend this year, don't skimp on your lashes. "This season, long and lush are the way to go," says Solomon. "There are many lash growth serums on the market that are a terrific way to give you that long lash look without much time investment. Apply a serum each night before bed, and after about six weeks, you will have longer, thicker lashes. With or without long natural lashes, a couple layers of dark black lengthening mascara, then a layer of black thickening mascara, can work magic on your eyes."

6. Pale skin


This trend is a big win for those of us who take on near-dead status in the colder months when sunlight is scarce: Embrace the pale face and pair it with a bold, '90s lip, while you're at it. Solomon advises, "Put the bronzer aside and concentrate on the beauty of perfect winter-pale skin. Don't have perfect skin? Use a small amount of foundation over the whole face for an even look. Or just dot concealer or foundation on problem areas and blend."

7. Warm browns


OK, so maybe I was wrong about the horror that was muddy brown fall lipstick from 10 years ago. Lena Sgambati, makeup artist and skin care expert from Just Good Skincare, has all but changed my mind. Sgambati insists that along with a dark lip for the season, sexy brown tones are "super hot" right now. She suggests dipping your toes in the water with "soft cappuccino neutrals, creamy deep chocolates, velvety matte coffee colors that, yes, are little reminiscent of the '90s." Sgambati adds, "I think the twist is with the cheek color — I'm seeing a really cool look of using these tones on the cheeks, as well as the lips! I first spotted it on Jessie J, who wore a mustard-toned blush on the finale of The Voice Australia."