Woman found something horrible hidden in her beauty sponge (VIDEO)

Sep 3, 2015 at 4:20 p.m. ET

Everyone has one nightmare that tends to recur around stressful life moments. Mine has always been finding thousands of bugs hidden in places you'd never expect. This young beauty professional experienced my nightmare firsthand.

Twenty-year-old Stevie Miller from Suffolk, England, just got a brand-new, bright pink beauty blender for everyday foundation application. However, she had no idea that it came with some little black, wriggling accessories.

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Just as she was getting ready to use it, she noticed a small hole at one end and something black inside it. Thinking it was just a fleck of dirt or other makeup from her makeup bag, she grabbed a pair of tweezers to pull it out, only to find a sizable bug was the culprit. Needless to say she was pretty grossed out, but instead of just throwing the whole thing away and taking a shower to scrub off the nasty experience, she decided to make a video of it. Little disclaimer: There's more than that one crawler in there, and it may turn you off makeup sponges forever.


Anyone else feel like they have those things crawling all over them now? The only thing that makes this 11-minute-long video bearable for a fellow bug fearer is Miller's hilarious running commentary with her mum. While they're most definitely playing it up a bit for the camera, their natural rapport is quite endearing. And Miller's mum's interjections are by far my favorite part of the video. Here are some of her best one-liners:

While Miller's debating cutting open the sponge, "Do it, do it. It will teach you to be independent."

In reference to the baby bugs Miller finds, "Maybe they were trying to escape their country."

"Is it breathing?"

When Miller was sad about losing her beauty blender, "You should be sad about the poor insects."

When Mum discovered the blender came from America, "Be careful, because they have things that sting, bite, poison."

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This mother-daughter team should seriously consider getting their own Internet show on which they investigate possibly bug-infested things every week. Obviously their viewers think so, because the original video Miller posted on Facebook has already been viewed over 1.5 million times. In the end, there appear to be something like four bugs and pieces of large wings that Miller helpfully puts next to a penny so her audience can have ratio perspective.

I personally agree with Miller — she should absolutely send the sponge back to the manufacturers and demand her money back. That said, while bug infestations in beauty blenders are not common, you can see why bugs might make a home in one — it's warm, damp and filled with tasty face bacteria.

For anyone who's still considering using one after this (not me), make sure to take a quick look and feel of it before applications, and wash it thoroughly before putting it back into your makeup case. That way, your chances of putting an entire bug family near your face should be slim.

Now, in the words of Stevie Miller, "I need a shower, I need bleach, I need Jesus."

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