5 Ways to snag high-end skincare products for next to nothing

As a beauty blogger, I’ve noticed a trend: if you want quality beauty products, you’re usually going to pay a lot. I want quality products I know are effective and good for my body and skin, but as a full-time student and worker with a family, I don’t always have tons of cash to dish out constantly. I’m guessing many women are in the same boat.

I decided to tackle new ways to find natural or organically minded products that that really work. I came up with few easy strategies that prove that you really don’t have to break to the bank to score quality skincare.

1. Review a product

It’s very easy to score beauty products for free from up-and-coming skincare companies that want to get their products honestly reviewed. You can sign up at places like Swaggable, Influenster, and PinchMe. You don’t need a blog or a site of your own, but having a social media account or two does help.

2. Snag an online deal

I’ve had some of my best luck with promo codes and online deals. These codes and sales can easily be found by spending a few minutes online at sites like Obey the Kitty, Retail Me Not, Goodsearch and the Sephora and Ulta Beauty online stores. If the promo code gives you a percentage off of the entire purchase and you have some time before it expires, save it until you’re sure you have everything you want to buy — that way, you’ll make sure you get the biggest discount on the total purchase.

3. Buy organic — really!

Did you know that organic and natural doesn’t necessarily have to equal expensive? I was under that impression myself, until I started to take a deeper look. I did my own research on organic skincare and beauty and found that many times, the products were not only better for you, they were also more effective and less expensive, which equals more bang for your buck.

4. Try a sample

Not ready to commit to a full-sized item or hefty cost? That’s okay! Even high-end brands have started to offer optional luxe-sized samples, or even travel-sized items, for sale — and at a reasonable cost, too. I love discovering a high-end makeup or skincare brand’s ad offering a generous sample size just for stopping by! You can find these deals in magazines, or online at the retailer or brand’s site.

5. Become a member

I’m a huge fan of free “points” memberships and clubs that give you perks just for signing up. Most programs won’t cost you a dime to sign up, and they provide great extras like free products, sneak peeks and special deals. The reason why I’m such a fan? Because they actually work! Every time I make a purchase and get things that I’m going to buy already, I rack up points that earn rewards for free products I really want. A few memberships I’m part of — Sephora, Ulta Beauty and Tarte — give you a gift for your birthday, as well.

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