Offensive corset commercial has many women furious (VIDEO)

A commercial for the Miss Belt — a modern corset that shapes and slims — has much of Twitter (and the Internet in general) seeing red.

The commercial for the Miss Belt is all kinds of wrong. First telling us we can be thinner than ever! Then it tells us our men will love it! And finally, we disgusting fatsos can hide the evidence of our unsightly children. What could be more perfect? See below:

Why have we not advanced past the age of the 1800s? I mean for goodness sake, are we going backwards now? It seems to me that the corset body had its time. Back when dresses and bustles were a thing. But now they are not. Now we are supposed to value health and strength over daintiness and fainting spells. Am I right?

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Sadly, it seems I am not. It seems we ladies want to go back. Because how else could a product like this possibly be on the market. The twitterverse reacted with hilarity. But in these funny tweets about old-fashioned values and the patriarchy, there is also some truth. Why are we wanting to go backwards? Why are our baby bodies considered gross or worthy of being hidden? These are some of the questions we really ought to be pondering.

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Women have come a long way. Body acceptance still has a long way to go. I’d rather see us embracing our curves and letting our softer bits be free. After all, comfort in our skin is not just a state of mind. It’s also a physical state as well. And I don’t think a tight belt worn constantly around our waist is going to help.


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